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Why Flexible Educators?

“Flexible Educators’ system also offers several reports and data which allows the administrative staff to track employee absences and the total number of substitutes on any given day or month.” — Scott Jarvis, Superintendent of Macon County R-1 School District
“Districts are able to customize the system to meet their needs.  At Macon, if a teacher wishes to use one of their personal days the request is made but it does not go out to the pool of available substitutes until the building administrator approves the request.”  — Scott Jarvis, Superintendent of Macon County R-1 School District
“Flexible Educators has done a great job of adding to our pool of educators, and they get to do the paperwork for us too! Between the time principals save on the phone trying to find subs, and hassles we save worrying about background checks, Flexible Educators is a godsend, in my opinion.” — Dr. Robert Smith, Superintendent of Maysville School District R-1
“The employees at Flexible Educators also monitor the requests and if there are any issues, they start working on the problem immediately. Principals are no longer getting phone calls early in the morning and having to worry about filling those positions before school starts.” — Scott Jarvis, Superintendent of Macon County R-1 School District

Apply Online

  • Substitute Application
  • Original transcripts
  • Background check

Jobs Available

  • Paraprofessionals
  • Substitute teachers
  • School support staff

Flex Ed Advantage

  • Optional health insurance
  • Weekly payment
  • Online scheduling

Flex Ed 24/7

  • Access to exclusive software
  • Available 24/7
  • Phone, tablets, & computers

About Flexible Educators

Flexible Educators is a full-service educational staffing firm created to serve the needs of schools throughout the Midwest. With a foundation of over 50 years of staffing experience from our parent company (Flexible Staffing) and more than 30 years of education industry experience, we are helping school districts, regardless of size, in recruiting, training and hiring certified substitute teachers and non-classified personnel. We know that from time to time, teachers have to be out of the classroom. We aim to fill those days with knowledge from credible, certified substitute teaching staff who can continue in the absence of the permanent teacher.

Through STEDI, we offer a variety of classes, tailored to the needs of each substitute and his or her previous experience.

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