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Flexible Educators offers quality staffing services, backed by more than 50 years staffing experience and 30 years of education industry experience, with programs tailored to meet each district’s needs.

Are you looking to partner with an educational staffing agency to manage your substitute teaching pool?

Flexible Educators is here to help you, your school, and ultimately, your students succeed through providing professional substitute teachers to serve throughout your schools when the need arises.

We work closely with our partner school districts and their surrounding communities to recruit and train only the most qualified and professional educators in the area. By partnering with Flexible Educators, your school gains access to our entire substitute pool, greatly increasing the number of substitutes you can use in your school district.

Flexible Educators takes care of payrolling, taxes, workers compensation and insurance, and employee benefits. With our full-service approach, we can help free up your staff’s schedule to focus on other matters.

Flexible Educators prides itself in recruiting qualified, professional substitute teachers. Each substitute is thoroughly vetted through the Flexible Educators screening process, which includes: certification by the state of Missouri, background check, drug screening, and interview.

Additionally, Flexible Educators requires substitute teachers who are new to the classroom to take courses through STEDI University, an online substitute training program. Through STEDI University, our substitutes learn skills in classroom management, teaching strategies, professionalism, special education, appropriate use of fill-in activities, among other skills necessary to be an effective substitute teacher. We want to make sure each substitute has the skills and qualifications necessary to be teaching your students.

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